I have a new home.

Last night, after much telephone tag with various people, Sarah and I secured our new abode in downtown Vancouver. More precisely, the West End.

It came down to two choices in the end. Both were corner suites with wall to wall windows, both allowed pets, and both had only a fridge and stove (no dishwasher). One had fantastic location at a bit of a higher price: ti was about 5 blocks closer to stanley park (and thus 5 blocks further from work), a block from the ocean, across the street from Safeway, and the frontdoor led out onto the bus stop. The other we haven’t seen at all, but it sounded OK, and is closer to work in a quiet part of the downtown core.

The bottom line was quite different between the two as well. The one near stanley park was $905 a month, with a damage deposit of $905. The other was $800 a month, with a damage deposit of $400.

We went with the cheap one.

We still have time to change our minds and, seeing as they both sound pretty good, it’s tempting. But I think that I will be living at the cheap one. I’ll post my new address later today.

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