The end of interview day

Well, that didn’t go as well as hoped.
At the end of Sarah’s interview, she found out that the interviewee and her were actually talking about different jobs.

Myself, I was very surprised to have questions asked of me that are actually relevant to the position. Normally I get things like:

  • Tell me your biggest Strength, your biggest Weakness
  • What is something that you are truly proud of?
  • If you were a tree, what kind would you be?

This time, I got things like:

  • Tell me your biggest strength and weakness with regards to writing.
  • What development tools do you use?
  • Have you ever written software to assist with software development? If so, please describe it to us in brief.

It’s not that I couldn’t answer the questions, more that I just hadn’t at al been expecting them. It was kind of like I had been asked to remember everything that I had been doing for the past five years, and select the best 6 moments to highlight.

As a result of the surprise, I babbled. Not a lot, just enough for it to qualify as inane. Ah well, hopefully I wowed them with my shatner-esque eloquence and my perfect pronunciation of the word “Ummmm…”

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