I thought I had escaped the bunnies, and all of their deviant behavior, when I left the rock. Apparently not. In addition to providing housing for wayward university graduates Brian’s father also houses two rabbits. Mister and Meadow (or as Bri likes to call them, Appetizer and Entree).

This morning, while I was pouring my morning coffee, Meadow decided she was in a romantic mood. She saddled over to her breakfast dish, turned it over, and positioned herself in a traditional male position. She then made sweet, sweet bunny love to the tupperware container with the the slow, tender movements of a jackhammer in heat. She then flipped the bowl back over and sat quietly inside while eating her breakfast of crunchy green pellets off of the floor of her cage.

This all happened before I could even add sugar to my cup. I passed on the cream and went back upstairs.

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