How do you do.

Golferzac asks: ” How have you been doing?”

Well, sort of so so. We ain’t broke yet, but we aren’t making money yet either.

We got into Ontario the night of the 1st. We took that weekend off, and began looking for houses as of the 3rd. Since then we have seen tons of places, and have even found a few that we like.

The problem is that we (or rather I) don’t have a job yet. Now, admittedly I have been focusing more on housing, and less on jobs, so it’s more for lack of trying than lack of jobs, but it is still a bit of a problem when considering where to live.

First of all, most landlords want two months rent up front, that’s a lot of dough. Secondly, they want proof that you are gainfully employed, not the easiest thing to get when you aren’t. Third, let’s assume that I do find a job, I don’t know where it is going to be, and I don’t know how far it will be from the places that we are looking at. It could be nice and convenient, or it could be 90 minutes away from downtown. Up hill, both ways, in the freezing cold, and through Scarborough (*shudder*).

So this evening we got a little stumped. We were supposed to be in TO today to apply at three places. The plan was to see who approved us and then pick the best one. The reality is that we are only allowed to apply at one place at a time. The apartments here want a lot of money upfront, and if they approve your application, but you change your mind, they take some of that money. Like $900 of it. That’s a lot of money to fiddle with. Now we are stuck picking the best place that may or may not approve us, while simultaneously looking for a job.


I’m sure things will work out splendidly, but in the meantime it feels like we are being asked to pick our favourite Jackie Chan movie — too many options, none of them really that bad, but none of them really that good either.

2 thoughts on “How do you do.

  1. Hey,Long time reader, first time poster (it’s Andrew from ultimate but not PG Andrew). When I went through my last moving ordeal I had to get some advice because I had the feeling that my previous landlord was jerking me around (and he was). I found my local tenants rights coalition and they clearly explained what landlords can and can’t do. To me the whole taking your money for no services sounds a little fishy so I’d check it out:

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