The prairies

The following is my travel log over the prairies.

Current Time: 9:34
Trip Odometer: 6892.0 km
Scenery: Grass.
Thoughts: I didn’t know that cows sniffed other cows butts. Also, we just passed rainbow road, I wonder if Mario is nearby.

Current Time: 9:45
Trip Odometer: 6912.4 km
Scenery: A corner. Golden grass.
Thoughts: Wow! This is the first corner we’ve seen in 45 minutes.

Current Time: 10:17 am
Trop Odometer: 6749.5 km
Scenery: Dead Grass
Thoughts: Who puts a railway in the middle of the transcanada?

Current Time: 3:37 pm
Trip Odometer: 7424.8
Scenery: Wheat!!!
Hornchick’s Thoughts: Left side of the road, right side of the road, can’t we just be friends? (Dave has difficultly driving between the lines. He’s only allowed to drive in no where Saskatchewan where there is no traffic. Anywhere. For as far as we can see)

Current Time: 4:30 pm
Trip Odometer: 7535.5
Scenery: I think that’s Montana way over there.
Hornchick’s Thoughts: You really can see your dog run away for 3 days. Seriously. Y’know, in coming to Saskatchwan, I feel as though I’ve become a little more complete. Alberta, Manitoba, meh – i can take them or leave them. But, I feel better for having been to Saskatchewan ( i also loving spelling it). Maybe it’s because nearly every caucasian in Canada has family beginnings in Saskatchewan. Really, who DOESN’T have long-lost relatives here?

Current Time: 5:50 pm
Trip Odometer: 7625.1
Thoughts: It’s hard to rhyme a,
word like Regina.

Current Time: 7:22 pm
Trip Odometer: 7784.4
Scenery: Black
Sarah’s Thoughts: The moon is bigger and whiter here in Saskatchewan. It’s also very very dark here on the transcanada.

[ Day Two ]

Current Time: 7:21 am
Trip Odometer: 7854.7
Scenery: Yet more grass.
Thoughts: I hate grass.

Current Time: 10:13 am
Trip Odometer: 8159.2
Scenery: A sign that says “wheat” that is in the middle of a field of wheat
Hornchick’s Thoughts: OH, is THAT what that stuff is that’s been on the side of the road for the last two provinces?? i’m so glad someone cleared that up. Thank you, Manitoba.

Current Time: 3:22 pm
Trip Odometer: 8557.2
Scenery: Fargo, North Dakota
Thoughts: They filmed a movie here once. I don’t know why. Also, I saw my first state trooper. They really do where those silly hats.

Current Time: 7:10 pm
Trip Odometer: 8956.2 km
Scenery: Highway. Nothing but asphalt (with a little grass on the side).
Thoughts: We just drove through little Canada. Apparently this is where the separatists went.

[ Day Three ]

Current Time: 10:49 pm
Trip Odometer: 10,203.6 km
Scenery: The Bridge to Canada.
Thoughts: I have to pay two bucks to get back into my own country! For some reason the ‘bridge to Canada’ is a toll bridge.

Current Time: 11:28 pm
Trip Odometer: 10,262.3 km
Scenery: Darkness.
Thoughts: We missed the turnoff. In fact, we found out that we missed the turnoff because we missed the only other turnoff that would have worked for the next 80 km. Now, we are traveling through darkness, in a land that smells like Jordan’s closet…on a bad day. We are both tired, and considering letting Kippy drive.

Current Time: 12:27 am
Trip Odometer: 10,348.6 km
Scenery: Fireball
Thoughts: We finally hit our destination. We are in Vanastra, which apparently is close to Clinton, which is close to Goderich, which is where the second reception is. Our friendly hosts (Ninja Cam, Lauralee, and Stuntman Heavy Kevvy) have decided that getting us drunk is the best course of action. 15 hours of driving, 2 beer and some fireball later, I’m ready for bed.

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