On da roab agaib

Our initial plans had been to leave from Abbotsford bright and early. Sarah’s grandfather even left us a note on the door letting us know that he would kindly wake us up at 8:00 am for breakfast. Thankfully, there was a door between the room we were staying in, and the hallway that he had access to, and we had his key. Thus, we were able to sleep in until the bright and early hour of noon.

Sarah, my little phlegm bot, had caught a nasty head cold from one of the bridesmaids, and was feeling under the weather when we woke up. This meant we were only able to make it as far as Slammin’ Salmon (Arm) where we spent that night at Allen’s house.

I lost, badly, at a local pool tournament, while Sarah held down the Castle’s couch.

This time we almost left bright and early, but were delayed by our stupid cat who decided that it would be fun to play hide-and-keep-hiding just as we were about to leave.

3 thoughts on “On da roab agaib

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