Leaving PG

Visiting my mom in Prince George was quite unlike visiting my inlaws in reno. Instead of relaxing and watching TV, we were put to work from Day One. My mom is thinking of moving in the spring time, so we spent this past weekend cleaning out some of the house. Now some of you might think that it’s a little early to start packing for a move. If this is you, you must not know my mother.

On Friday we woke up bright and early at 7:00 am, and started unpacking crap from the house. We loaded a 20 x 20 ft tarp full of stuff for our Garage Sale on Saturday. Sunday we brought 22 bags of garbage to the dump, and 4 boxes of paper to the recycling depot. On Monday we unloaded an additional 6 boxes of hand-me-downs to the sally ann. Sadly, this was only two rooms (of the 13 room house).

Other than the garage sale, we enjoyed the company of some old friends, and consumed far too much korean coffee, ate too much Pizza Bread, and didn’t get enough cheques in the mail.

Ah well, poor and optimistic we are continuing down to Vancouver for the stanger/slater wedding.

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