Weekend Visitations

We visited Sarah’s Brother and Cousin on Friday, hung with Cas and Kathryn on Saturday, and parted ways that evening. Sarah stayed in Vancouver to do girly things (wrap chocolate chess pieces, get a hair consultation, watch a movie with a demonic bunny) and Dave to engage in more manly activities (Lose a round of Disc Golf, injure himself playing Ultimate, drink tea with a 90 year old woman)

Disc golf was great. I had come to play with the Ultimate house, but unfortunately all but one of them had fallen asleep before 11. The round was good, I shot three under (to Craig’s 14 under) and neither of us lost a Disc… while playing. On the walk home, Craig impressed me with his curve shot, which flew arrow straight into a 12 foot ditch, guarded on all sides by blackberry and rose bushes, and the monstrous Victoria spiders that keep the toy poodle population in check. The next morning we returned, Machete in hand, and vanquished the foul bush in a tremendous battle that resulted in the loss of 12 square feet of dead blackberry bush, a half-pint of Craig’s blood, and the triumphant return of a putter. We feel that we lost the battle, but won the war.

Ultimate would have been a little nicer if I had brought cleats. Oh, and if I wasn’t tubby, slow and out of shape. Apparently it was more of a workout than I remember. I was so sore later that evening that I almost stayed in Victoria on account of not being able to walk up the ramp to the ferry.

Finally, before I left I stopped by to visit my great Aunt Olive. Other than a tasty cupcake, nothing remarkable happened here. I’ll just move on.

This morning, we leave on the road to PG.

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