Border Crossings

We got back to Canada last Friday. America was really strange, it was almost like being in a different country. Things are a little more corporate, Too much Bush, and not enough trees. Gas was cheaper, and more complicated to pump. You could buy liquor in Costco. Denny’s replaced Tim Horton’s , and there was a roadside Taco Stand at every exit.

One huge plus that we found was in the state of Washington. For some reason, the State Government felt threatened by Starbucks and has decided to compete with the coffee giant by offering free cookies and coffee at every rest area.

We popped over the border at around 6:00 pm. This time, unlike last, we only brought about $100 of purchased goods with us. Our most exciting purchase was a 60 of Cuervo Gold for $25 USD. Seeing as it would cost over a hundred here in Canada we consider it a financial investment, rather than a detriment to our livers.

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