Miles of Meat and no wife to be seen

Today we hit the Best in the West Rib Cookoff. Populated largely by fat people, Bikers, Texans and the occasional Fat, Biker Texan. The kind that ride harleys, shoot at hippies, and swear by an Atkins (Read: All Cow, all the time) diet.

The ribs were fantastic. Really, they changed my life.
Also, today I found that my wife loves my Banana more than her husband.

While walking from the frozen Banana Booth to approximately 7 metres away, we somehow managed to lose each other. There I stayed until Sarah thought “Boy, I’d sure like some more of that frozen, chocolate banana … where is Dave anyways?”

A few minutes later she wandered back and stole the last bite.

If it wasn’t for my tasty banana, I would probably still be standing downtown, in between a lamp post and the Sweet Pigs on a Stick rib hut.


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